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Play Online Scratchies Australia 2023

Many people find it very exciting to scratch a scratch card in the hope of a nice money prize. The fact that you can see right away what you might have won, is largely responsible for this tension. Online scratch cards offer the same excitement, but with more fun.

Graphically speaking, online scratch cards offer more possibilities than paper scratch cards, which makes scratch card games even more fun and exciting. We have critically reviewed current online scratch card providers and made a selection of the best scratch card platforms with the highest win chances, most attractive bonuses and offers, highest jackpots and most game fun. Of course, we also looked at the reliability.

Scratch cards have been a very popular pastime with many people since their “paper” introduction in 1994. Scratching is just fun, simple, exciting and surprising. At most online casinos, you can play scratch cards to your heart’s content. Some, however, stand out well for the scratching game lover. These can be found in our Toplist.

The Best Casinos for Instant scatchies

Many online casinos offer online scratch cards in their assortment. These are usually listed under the heading Scratch Cards in the menu. Although many online gambling sites do offer scratch cards in one way or another, we do see major differences in the games on offer.

While some sites only offer some online scratch card variations, there are also online casinos with a much larger assortment. Are you looking for a place to scratch online, then we recommend that you visit one of these sites. To have a little freedom of choice and being able to try out many different online scratch cards, is one of the best ways.

Scratch Cards Explained

Although there are tons of varieties of scratch cards, the principle is largely the same for all of them:

Buy 1 or more scratch cards
Virtually scratch open the boxes. There is also a quick “Scratch all open” button.
Whether you win is on the rules of the game. Mostly you win an amount of money with a number of similar symbols or the more “gold nuggets”, “four clovers” or “dollar signs” you find, the higher the price.
Sometimes you may scratch open a multiplier, multiplying the prize won by a factor of x.
Winnings are credited directly to your account


The scratch card platforms are playable by flash. On most computers this is installed by default. If you experience problems with this, it is advisable to download the latest flash player. Do this via Adobe, as they are the developers of flash. For some time now you can also count on HTML5 games as a mobile player. Visit a provider with your smartphone and you will automatically reach the mobile gaming platform. Again, there is no need to download or install software.

In order to be able to use the game offer, it is necessary that your browser settings accept cookies. (By default, the settings are already correct). In this case, cookies ensure that your login status is checked and that you log out automatically after x number of minutes of inactivity.

The Chance of Winning

The payout percentage of the scratchcards you buy at a tobacconist or supermarket is between 45% and 55%. In other words: of every dollar you spend, only 45 to 55 dollar cents comes back into the prize pool!
Online, this payout percentage is much higher and can even be as high as 96%.
So the odds of winning online scratch cards are almost twice as high as with the “normal” scratch cards.
Online you don’t win free tickets but real money.
Online you will therefore win more often and more than with the old-fashioned way of scratching.

More Facts About Online Scratch Card Games

Online scratching can be done at almost all online casinos we recommend. Usually they can be found under the heading Instant Games or Scratch Cards.

Facts about Scratchies in a Row

Scratch Cards are called Scratchies in Australia
There are, like the paper version, many of types and sizes of scratch cards. You can even buy several of the same cards and scratch them open at the same time.
Online you play from $0.50 per scratch card
There are online scratch cards you can win $1 million with!

Unlike paper scratch cards, you don’t win “free” lottery tickets online. Anything you win you can keep, without the obligation to bet it again.

Bonuses and Promotions

In addition to the “Free 5 dollar” promotion (whether or not in the form of free real money play rounds), all online scratch card platforms offer many bonuses and promotions. For example, you can always count on a 100% match up bonus with your first money deposit. This summits that if you deposit $20, you will be credited with a total of $40. All scratch card game providers also have a “tell a friend” feature, which allows you to earn $25 per depositing player. And as if this isn’t enough…there are many unique free money earning and winning opportunities waiting for you. Especially the loyalty program offered these days is worth it. Without you noticing it, you’ll quickly earn enough points to shop around for game credit, participation in tournaments, etc.

Strategy Tips for Online Scratch Cards

Instant scratchies online in Australia are straightforward – straightforward: you win or you lose, regardless of your choices. But there are a few things to take into account:

You can also use casino bonuses to buy scratch cards. If you’re an avid scratcher, make the most of a good welcome bonus.
There are scratch cards you can win mega amounts with. Some even $1 million!
A good rule is: the higher the top prize, the less frequent the smaller payouts.

If you want to prevent your balance from rising too fast…

Then don’t use the “Scratch all open” button, but scratch the boxes manually.
Play 1 scratch card at a time instead of multiple cards
Play for lower stakes. Many scratch cards can be played for as little as $0.50 or $1 per lottery ticket.
Don’t play scratch cards with mega big top prizes, but rather with slightly lower top prizes.

Fair Play

All online scratch card providers on our website have a fair gaming policy. This means that they have a controlled gaming system with the corresponding gaming permits. Players can count on a game of chance with real win chances. Specifically, this means that on 1 of the 3 scratch cards (or other win games) there is a prize and a payout percentage of around 97%. No other game of chance offers such a big winning chance! All online scratch card providers also offer a secure gaming environment via secure SSL connections. Everything works via flash, so no download and/or installation of software is required. This also applies if you use your smartphone or tablet to take a gamble. All providers offer through a mobile gaming environment specially optimized for touchscreens games. This is not via flash, but the much more modern HTML5.


Online and physical scratch cards can’t really be compared. The basic principle is the same and if you know how a physical scratch card works then switching to online scratch cards is a piece of cake. The big advantage of playing a scratch card online is that you immediately get your price in your account and with a physical scratch card you have to go back to the shop. As far as we are concerned a nice addition to the online gambling assortment. Good luck with scratches!